Managing your photography studio just got a whole lot easier.

So smart, it's simple.


Create Workflows

Set up tasks and reminders for the steps you need to complete with every session. StudioFlow comes with ready to use workflows for portrait sessions and weddings, or you can make your own.


Book Sessions

Just enter your client's name, the session date and type, and let StudioFlow do the rest. A complete to-do list for the session is created for you—automatically. With sensible deadlines based on the session date.


Complete Tasks

StudioFlow will let you know where you're at for each session, and will also help you see what needs to be done today, tomorrow and next week. It can even send reminders for the important stuff.

Credit Card

Get Paid

When you book a session, StudioFlow can send an email invoice to your client for payment by credit card. All you need is a free PayPal account and you're all set.

Here's how it works:

Portrait Workflow
New Session Type
Sessions List
Task List


Every photo session you do has a predictable set of tasks you need to complete. Sending information to clients. Editing photos. Posting sneak peeks to social media. Ordering prints and albums from the lab. The due dates of these tasks are predictable too—they're typically connected to the date of the photo session. We call these predictable sets of tasks workflows.

Every type of session you offer has a workflow attached to it. StudioFlow comes with two pre-built workflows—for portraits and for weddings. You can use these workflows as-is, edit them, or start from scratch and make your own.


New Session Type

Session Types

Most photography studios offer multiple types of sessions, each with its own price and workflow. You might have a few different session options for family portraits, and a different set of options for weddings and events. Tell StudioFlow which workflow to use for each session type, and you're ready to get organized.

Senior Session
Engagement Session
Newborn Session
Sessions List


StudioFlow keeps track of every session you book for your clients, including the full list of tasks that need to be completed for each individual session. This is way better than sticky notes on your computer screen.

Task List


A comprehensive list of tasks that need to be completed (across all sessions), organized by date. This is the perfect way to keep track of what you need to do this week in order to keep your studio running smoothly.


Focus on what you love to do.

Let StudioFlow take care of the rest.

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